the proof iran is strong: they release video of decoded data on RQ-170 the 06/02/2013
All data on US RQ-170 spy drone fully decoded: Iran

The fighter jet is Iranian made and all its parts, from A to Z, have been manufactured domestically," Hassan Parvaneh told Iran's state-run TV. 

"Its shape and structure is completely unique and peerless," he added. 

Parvaneh stated that only three world countries have the technology to manufacture such a fighter jet. 

Parvaneh said that the new fighter jet, Qaher 313, is "the first Iranian jet using a front control wing, and we have never had any other plane with this specification". 

He further stated that Iranian engineers at the Defense Ministry's Aviation Industries Organization augmented efforts to design and develop this aircraft after Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei in a meeting asked them to switch their focus from reverse engineering to innovative designing and crossing the borders of science and technology. 

Iran unveiled a new advanced home-made aircraft, named Qaher 313, in a ceremony attended by President Ahmadinejad. 

Addressing a ceremony to unveil Iran's new home-made fighter jet, named Qaher 313, Vahidi said all production stages, including designing and manufacturing of the new aircraft were carried out by Iranian experts at the Aviation Industries Organization of the Defense Ministry. 

As regards the specification of Qaher 313, the minister said, "The advanced aircraft with an advanced appearance has a very small Radar Cross Section (RCS) and is capable of operating and flying in low-altitude." 

The minister added that high-tech materials and electro-ionic systems were used in the aircraft which is capable of landing and taking off from short runways. 

Vahidi noted that Qaher 313 enjoys high combat capability and can carry home-made weapons. 

Vahidi also told reporters on the sidelines of the ceremony that Qaher 313 is able to rival with the most advanced fighter jets in shape and structure, adding that its shape has gifted the aircraft small RCS. 

Radar cross section (RCS) is a measure of how detectable an object is with a Radar. A larger RCS indicates that an object is more easily detected. An object reflects a limited amount of radar energy.
Hello All,
Thank you all for your comments, . I confirm technical features for experts:
- single-seat, powered by a reverse engineered General Electric J-85 turbojet
- frame inspired by F117and has a radar signature of about 0.025 m2 (0.269 sq ft)
the video published by the Iranians purporting to show the Qaher 313 in flight seems to show not a manned fighter jet but a radio-operated drone with a small jet engine (You can see in the video the difference between the plane size and the runway).